Meditation Pod $37

Meditation Pod

Includes 5 audios of guided meditations:

Brain Clarity Meditation - increases focus and clarity so that you can have greater presence and meaning in life—both necessary for sustainable happiness and peace.

Calm the Chaos Meditation - for those times when we find ourselves anxious and wondering about the non-existent future. By calming the chaos we are able to manifest from the present moment with divine calm and purpose.

Creating Abundance Meditation - helps you let go of limiting beliefs and scarcity around money and abundance. When clear we become closer to the substance that allows us to create abundance.

Healing Meditation - for those times when our physical, mental and emotional bodies are in need of healing energy, love and divine attention. Allow yourself to be super receptive throughout this meditation.

Letting Go Meditation - your go to when you need to let go of beliefs and events that keep you stuck and in lower vibratory emotions. When we let go we are poised to receive the greatness that is ours by divine right.



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