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Meet YOUR Full Potential

$12.97 USD

Connecting with your Full Potential... To create a state of Focus, Clarity and Power is easier than you think. The r...

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Karma Money Clearing & Illuminated Manifestation

$120.00 USD

Humans live with many, many Karmic imprints from ancestors, past lives and even choices we've made that have not been...

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Illumination for Spiritual Business Owners

$197.00 USD

Rapidly clear negative energetic blockages so that you can step into your Full Potential Self!

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Meditation Pod

$47.00 USD

The Meditation Pod is for those who seek meditation in a way that solves, resolves and aligns the inner being so that...

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Science of Meditation

$197.00 USD

Learn why the current ways of teaching meditation often either do not work or cause more problems.

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Ultimate Spiritual Cleanse

$528.00 USD

So many times we find ourselves stuck, not taking action in life and therefore not meeting our goals. Other times we ...

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The Science of Spirituality

$197.00 USD

This training has EVERYTHING you need to be on your Highest Path- a TRUE Spiritual Journey that is about confidence, ...

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Mindset To Get Your Prosperity Set

$1,100.00 USD

Mindset to Get Your Prosperity Set is the ultimate mindset for success system. You'll be guided through teaching vi...

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Soul Alignment Session

$1,528.00 USD

The Soul Alignement Session is a mini-VIP day. You will meet with Kisma or Nick via Skype. They will go through your ...

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Auric Clearing

$147.00 USD

A Comprehensive Clearing Process that eliminates negative energy, negative blockages and restrictions, as well as any...

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Eliminate Stress for Ultimate Success & Happiness


Disconnect from Negativity - The drama-free solution to permanently removing negative people and things from your...

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Ultimate Clearing for Total Empowerment

$900.00 USD

This is an advanced training that will lead to improved clarity, self confidence, certainty, stronger self love and e...

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