Ultimate Spiritual Cleanse

So many times we find ourselves stuck, not taking action in life and therefore not meeting our goals. Other times we hit emotional highs and lows- creating a severe imbalance to our life.

The Ultimate Spiritual Cleanse is about REALIGNING your life with your truth, your Soul purpose and your full potential. 

You will go through 3 very intense clearing processes that you can do again and again.

#1) Clear the vortices of energy in your field- aka- chakras. These energy wheels allow vital life force energy to come in. When there is congestion in any of them it affects that specific area of your life, ie- love, money, working out, self confidence and self esteem as well as spiritual connection.


#2) Karma Clearing- this is about clearing IMPRINTS that affect you from things that have been done to you, said to you or perhaps choices on your part that have created negativity or low vibratory belief patterns. One of the most important clearings we can do is Karmic Clearing so that we are not following in the footsteps of our ancestors, parents or past lives.


#3) Soul level clearing- getting to the root of who you are! Look at it this way- constantly we impress the sub-conscious with thoughts and words and actions. Soon enough you create a persona around this and it embeds at a soul level. In this clearing your guides are called in to clear specific issues based upon your intention. 


All of these clearings will help you heighten your intuition, increase your certainty and confidence and give you a strong connection to the Universal Mind/God/Source etc


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